School Section Lake Management District

PO Box 310

Dousman, WI 53118


This web site is still a work in progress.  Please check back to see the changes that we implement.  If you have any suggestions, please email us, or contact Don Solberg.   Also if you have any old photos of the lake, we would love to get a copy of them for posting here.

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Hello District residents/owners.  I am back again as your lake district Secretary, due to the resignation of Anders.  I was appointed by Frank Arndorfer and approved by the Board.  Frank did not run for reelection.  Mike Dean was nominated by the Board and voted on to the Board by the District voters.  At the subsequent Board meeting, Mike was selected as the Board chairman.  John Manthe remains as the treasurer and I will be the secretary.

The Board has selected the first Thursday of every month for Board meetings.  The first meeting was supposed to be in February but it had to be canceled to to conflicts.  We will have our first Board meeting of the year on Thursday March 7 at 7:00 PM.

The repairs on the dam have proceeded according to schedule.  The muskrat proof barriers were driven into the dirt perm in December.  The plan is to complete all of the work on the concrete dam and the earthen dam by April.  The lake is scheduled to be back up to normal depth by the start of the fishing season in May.  Here is a link to the County's web site on the project:

Don Solberg