One of the first newsletter was written in 1979 by Lois Lessman, who was the secretary of the newly formed Lake District.  Clyde James was the chairman.  

It has been many years since we have had a Lake District newsletter, so I am very happy to say that we are going to do this again.  The first newsletter were done prior to the formation of a Lake District, when there was the "Big School Section Lake" Park Association.  This Lake Association was started in 1955. The reason the Lake was called "Big School Section Lake" is because the small lake south of CTH D on what used to be the Lurvey property had a local name of "Little School Section Lake".

We were able to locate some old newsletters from both the  association and the early lake district and they both used the logo from the Big School Section Lake Park Association.  I thought that it would be fun to have that logo on our newsletter this month.

We are using the newsletter to provide information to the residents about this web site, our new informational sign at the County boat landing and the up-coming Lake District picnic.  We hope a lot of people can make it to the picnic, especially the new residents so we can meet our new neighbors and tell them about the Lake District.

Don Solberg