Aerial photo taken by Vic Herbert about a year before the dredging project began

Photos of the property that SSLMD purchased. We own the six acres to the left of the gravel driveway. We also have a deeded shared interest in the 60 foot easement where the gravel driveway is located. Waukesha County has offered to mow the grass whenever they are out to mow the grass on their dike.

Art running the harvester on May 23, 2016.  Start of the harvesting program for 2016.  

Photo taken in 1937 one year before the construction of the Val Gramling Dam.  Notice the land between the NE corner of the lake and School Section Lake Dr.  Today the water is right up to the road edge.

Photos of School Section Lake.

1999 Lake drawdown and mechanical dredging off of Dolmar Park Road. .

These are photos of the new rebuilt Kubota 40 HP diesel that the district purchased for the weed harvester. Dan, Frank, and Ray are hard at working getting the engine ready to install.

The County has installed our new information sign at the County boat landing.

Aerial Photo 1937

Recent aerial photograph after the dredging project

2016 Lake District Picnic